Unalome Tattoo

This is an Unalome.
The Unalome represents the journey one takes to enlightenment. I have thoughts about this reaching of enlightenment. I don't think that should be the goal. I think the goal should be to enjoy the journey. I mean...just look at them. Which is the more fun part to you? the swirly bits? Or the straight line at the top that represents enlightenment?
Now, I'm not saying that we shouldn't all enjoy stability, or serene moments, or calm. We should. I'd say those are the little straight parts between the swirls. There's always another swirl.
Is it a good swirl? Or a not so good swirl? 
And could good come from the not so good? And could not so good come from the good?
So then...does it matter? 

I tried to get an Unalome tattoo on my finger. Because I thought it would be pretty, and because I liked what it represented, and because it was mothers day, and there was a tattoo sale. 
I drew out the unalome. And the guy started tattooing. I closed my eyes -- and 30 seconds into the tattoo he asks me, "Hey so wanna go see a movie after this?"
No. I just want to go enjoy my mothers day.
"Heeheehee, aww thank you! Actually I have plans since it's mothers day."
"Oh? Where you going?"
Jeez guy...it's a tiny finger tattoo...you can't finish this first?
"Oh...well I'm not sure...I think we're gonna go buy some plants for the house."
"Oh ok! I can go with you!"
Fuck. Um.
So at this point I'm thinking about my tattoo...the quality of the tattoo...I'm thinking this poor guy might be missing his mother...I'm thinking I really don't wanna hang out with this guy for mothers day...I'm thinking HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS?!
"Oh well that would be nice, but I think it's just going to be a thing with me and my daughter."
He continues to tattoo...I open my eyes...and look at what he's doing......
NO!...........What was supposed to be one continuous line...was not.
What was supposed to be swirls looked more like a deranged dragonfly...
I looked at it...I looked at him...
I paid him. 
I left. 
What did this teach me? 
A few things. 1.) Don't close your eyes while getting a tattoo? 2.) Say yes to hanging out with the tattoo guy while he's tattooing you and then change your mind after? 3.) Don't get discount tattoos? 4.) All of the above.
5.) This is life. This tattoo is life. It represents EXACTLY what it's meant to.
6.) It doesn't really matter.
7.) No one know's what it was supposed to look like anyways....


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