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Dear Holden | A letter to the town that I grew up in as a light skinned black girl...

Note: This letter was written to be read at a BLM rally that I helped plan for my community. I took parts of my previous blog, and a drafted blog that held more pain and anger than I am willing to share here, and I certainly didn't feel comfortable sharing with my entire town. Hello Holden,  My name is Krista Bennett. I’m black, Lakota, Irish, and Sweedish. I grew up here in this town with my parents and 3 siblings, all white, Sweedish, and English more specifically. I lived in Silicon Valley for 12 years and moved back here about 3 years ago. I have a 13-year-old who just graduated from Mountview Middle school; I’m super proud of her! And I just attended my 20th high school reunion from Wachusett Regional. It was great seeing my friends from high school again. I was encouraged to talk from my heart about my experiences growing up here in Holden. I’ll fill you, folks, in briefly and with just a few snips, as this is a family-friendly event and, there is no way to fully e

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