When I was little I thought that my mother invented words. 
My favorites:

The garden in the front had all of my favorite flowers in it, and bunnies lived in the stone wall. 
Lily of the Valley

She used to tell me that the petals of Lily of the valley were tutus for pixies. She also used to tell me that the cat pooped in the sandbox and not to play in it until she got it all out and put new sand in. Nothing is perfect. 

But regardless of the cat poop and occasional dog poop on the lawn, my back yard was one of the most magical places in the world to me. I don't remember wearing shoes much, even while running through the woods that surrounded our yard. 

When I played on the swings I would imagine that if I were to let go, I'd be flung into the sky amongst the clouds and could meet the Care Bears. 
Sometimes, I would run through the woods pretending I was a pixie with periwinkle flower petal tutus and iridescent gossamer wings.
I would save worms, climb trees, run through sprinklers, and ride my bike.
At night, I would look out the window in my room, into my yard, and imagine all the night things that might be out there. Mostly werewolves. There was definitely a werewolf living in my forest. But it's ok, because he only came around at night, and was mostly there for protection. 
There were also fireflies. So many fireflies. They twinkled and blinked, and I swear they did so in all different colors.  
I'd fall asleep listening to the wind in the trees, and the occasional car driving by, which always sounded better when it had rained a little that day. My cat would sleep on my feet, and my mother would keep the hallway light lit, just long enough for me to not feel scared when it was flicked off. 
The best sleeps smelled of damp wood, grass, and rain. 
I had a reoccurring dream that there was a hidden pool of water in my woods that was crystal clear and deep. There were lily pads and frogs and water skimming bugs and bright orange and iridescent fish that would nibble my toes if I put my fee in. 
I would wake up thinking I'd go find that pool of water, but I usually forgot to look. Too much to do. 


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